• Image of PPU Mystery Bag

Grab a mystery bag for a chance to snag either 'Sucker for a Slayer’ or ‘By Grabthar’s Hammer' plus one other surprise polish!

Sugar Rush Crush is only available individually and will NOT be in these mystery bags.

Each mystery bag will contain two polishes - one PPU polish ('Sucker for a Slayer’ OR ‘By Grabthar’s Hammer') plus one other random polish from the shop. If you have a specific PPU polish in mind, please leave a note/hint on your order! If you email or message, it might get lost in the shuffle. If at any point, either polish sells out, we will announce it.

If you purchase two mystery bags, you are guaranteed to get both PPU polishes unless you specifically state you want duplicates in the order notes. We will also make sure you don’t get duplicates for the non-PPU polish because that’s no fun!

We cannot take any preferences/hints for the other non-PPU polish in the bag since they are already packed ahead of time and ya gotta have a little mystery! We also cannot guarantee that you won’t get a polish you already own since they are pre-packed.

Bottles are 13.2ml. All polishes are 5-Free and as always, cruelty-free.

Each bottle contains 2 large steel mixing balls for mixing.

Discounts cannot be applied to already discounted sets.