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Deux 2.0


'Deux 2.0' is still the same beautiful shade of dark navy, but is now more pigmented for fuller coverage in 1 coat and for crisper stamping images! It's a creamy, deep blue/indigo creme with hints of purple in certain lighting.

Bottles are 13.2ml and contain 2 large steel mixing balls.

All polishes are 5-Free and as always, cruelty-free.

Polish is opaque on its own in 1-2 thin coats, depending on application. Each bottle contains 2 large steel mixing balls for mixing. A quick shake is recommended before application for best results!

Please keep in mind that since all polishes are hand mixed in small batches, some variations may occur.

Swatches by @shannasnailadventures @de_briz

Note: Possible variations in polish color between swatches is due to outdoor (sunlight) vs. indoor lighting.