Fae or Fomo? (Swatches Coming Soon!)


Swatches coming soon! Apologies for the delay!

'Fae or Fomo?' features a duochrome red color-shifting aurora pigment in an ultra violet base!

This is the sister polish to the Polish Pickup shade, Fae or Foe?, but without the silver reflective glitters added!

Please see our other listing 'Fae or Foe?' for the same polish, but with the reflective glitters added.

Bottles are 13.2ml and contain 2 large steel mixing balls.

All polishes are 5-Free and as always, cruelty-free.

Swatches/Photos by @claudia_hrnandez @yyulia_m @xo.krista @lacquer_is_life

Note: The color of the swatches may vary depending on the lighting used by the swatcher such as indoor vs. outdoor, etc.