Shell We Dance?


‘Shell We Dance?’ features a champagne mix of gold and silver reflective glitters, pink galaxy holographic glitters, and micro holographic flakies in a glowing orange jelly base! 🐚🐚🐚

Note: Due to its fine particle, the reflective glitter will cause the polish to dry to a more textured finish. To achieve a glossy finish, we recommend using one coat of a glitter smoothing top coat and then one coat of a high gloss top coat! We don't currently carry these products, but are looking to add these to our store in the future!

Bottles are 13.2ml and contain 2 large steel mixing balls.

All polishes are 5-Free and as always, cruelty-free.

Swatches/Photos by @nailpolishsociety @a_painted_queen @xo.krista @yyulia_m

Note: The color of the swatches may vary depending on the lighting used by the swatcher such as indoor vs. outdoor, etc.