Image of -Single- Mystery PPU Bag

-Single- Mystery PPU Bag


Each mystery bag will contain ONE past PPU shade from the list below...

Honeydukes Haunt *NEW*
Zombie Kill of the Week *NEW*
Luna *NEW*
Salt Lake Serenity *NEW*
Hold My Butterbeer *NEW*
Coral Crusader
Sucker for Sprinkles
Hot 4 Herbology
Signs in the Stars
Pea is for Princess
Mr. Burgundy
Catching the Canal
Just One Look
Harps in the Haze (5 bottles left)
Dusk to Dawn
Gone to Plaid
By Grabthar's Hammer

Bottles are 13.2ml and contain 2 large steel balls for mixing.

All polishes are 5-Free and as always, cruelty-free.

Note: The color of the swatches may vary depending on the lighting used by the swatcher such as indoor vs. outdoor, etc.